January 31, 2008

Nice People

Today I was reminded how nice it can be to be outgoing and friendly to people you encounter throughout your day. I was ordering some coffee at a local coffeeshop and just enjoying myself while chatting with the person at the register. It simply reminded me of how many nice people there are out there, which is hard to remember at times, such as when commuting to work. Just think about how many potential new friends there are out there, and wouldn't it be nice if they could help come up with ideas to write about on my blog?!

Take care.

What did you learn today?

January 10, 2008


Today I learned about quicksand. Thanks to HowStuffWorks.com, I'll tell you about it.

Quicksand is rarely deeper than a few feet and can occur almost anywhere if the right conditions are present. Quicksand is basically regular sand that has been so saturated with water that the friction between sand particles is reduced. The resulting sand is a mushy mixture of sand and water that can no longer support any weight.

If you step in quicksand, any frantic movements cause you to dig yourself deeper into it. The human body has a density of 62.4 pounds per cubic foot and is able to float on water. Quicksand is denser than water (about 125 pounds per cubic foot), which means you can float more easily on quicksand than water. The key is not to panic, because if you fall in you're more likely to float especially the less you move. The best thing to do is try to slowly lay on your back and float on your back and "swim" to safety. The more surface area the better.

What did you learn today?

January 5, 2008

A Town in PA

Today I learned about a town. I was reading a cookbook looking for a Pot Roast recipe when I noticed that the publisher was located in a town named Intercourse, Pennsylvania. What?? I thought it was pretty funny, so I decided to do a bit of research, carefully of course! I turned to the almighty Wikipedia for my information and here's what I found..

"Intercourse, Pennsylvania (pop. roughly 1,000) is an unincorporated village in Leacock Township, Lancaster County in Pennsylvania. As with the nearby towns of Blue Ball and Paradise, Pennsylvania, Intercourse is a popular site for tourists on account of its name, which in modern times has acquired sexual connotations. Sign posts for the town are frequently targeted by thieves. Besides its name, Intercourse is also famous for its Amish communities. For this reason the movie Witness was filmed in Intercourse and For Richer For Poorer was set there, though not filmed in Intercourse.

Intercourse was founded in 1754. The community was originally named Cross Keys, after a local tavern. Intercourse became the name in 1814, and there are various theories to explain this; one possibility is that the name derived from a race course, the "Entercourse", at the intersection of the town's two major roads. Another is that at the time, the word "intercourse" had commercial connotations relating to business transactions, and that the area was named "Intercourse" in hopes that it would become a center of commerce. "Sexual Intercourse" was a secondary, legalistic meaning of the term. As the more general use of the term fell out of popular usage, the narrower meaning became the term's primary connotation."

What did you learn today?

January 2, 2008

2008 Presidential Race

Happy New Year!!
Today I learned about an unbiased website that is helpful in learning more about all the candidates running for President. It offers quotes and views of each candidate on many issues and how they have voted within Congress in the past. I'm not one that's thrilled to talk politics, but this year I want to be as informed as I can before casting my vote. The website is http://www.issues2000.org/2008.htm

What did you learn today?