January 31, 2008

Nice People

Today I was reminded how nice it can be to be outgoing and friendly to people you encounter throughout your day. I was ordering some coffee at a local coffeeshop and just enjoying myself while chatting with the person at the register. It simply reminded me of how many nice people there are out there, which is hard to remember at times, such as when commuting to work. Just think about how many potential new friends there are out there, and wouldn't it be nice if they could help come up with ideas to write about on my blog?!

Take care.

What did you learn today?


jaimekristen said...

Good point.
I'm trying to learn about an S corp, do you want to learn that information for me and write a post? hehee ;)

tsu1122 said...

You learned that your dad knows how to make a fool of himself in public... But at least I got paid... :-)

Emma said...

bravissima! sono fiera di te. non vedo l'ora di vedere il prossimo post... baci!