December 8, 2007


Today I was reminded how to take better care of my shaving razors. After each use, or even if the razor blades became wet from the shower, I make sure to dry the blades of my razor to prevent any rusting. I buy Venus razors, because they last the longest and the razor burn is minimal, so it is worth trying to take care of them since they cost SO much.

In a store, you typically pay around $2 each for these blades. I wanted to try and find these blades for cheaper and came across the website, Here you can get 8 for $13.99 so about $1.75/razor. OR if you want to buy them 24 at a time, it's $34.99, which comes out to about $1.45/razor. I believe there are some options in between as well. And regular shipping from this website is FREE. :o)

What did you learn today?

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