December 7, 2007


Yesterday I learned how my Mom always knew when I was getting sick. When I was younger, sometimes Mom would look at me and say, "you're getting sick, aren't you?" And I always felt fine at the time and didn't know what she was talking about, yet I always seemed to have a cold the very next day. Well yesterday when I was washing my hands I looked up into the mirror and noticed these huge purple circles under my eyes, and finally realized what Mom had seen for all those years. (Did I never look in a mirror??) Anyway, I'm glad to say I have been drinking my OJ and taking my vitamin, I think I'll pull through this time!

The Economic Cost of the Common Cold - From Wikipedia

"In the USA alone, the common cold leads to 75 to 100 million physician visits annually at a conservative cost estimate of $7.7 billion per year. Americans spend $2.9 billion on over-the-counter drugs and another $400 million on prescription medicines for symptomatic relief. More than one-third of patients who saw a doctor received an antibiotic prescription, which not only contributes to unnecessary costs ($1.1 billion annually on an estimated 41 million antibiotic prescriptions in the United States), but also has implications for antibiotic resistance from overuse of such drugs.
An estimated 22 to 189 million school days are missed annually due to a cold. As a result, parents missed 126 million workdays to stay home to care for their children. When added to the 150 million workdays missed by employees suffering from a cold, the total economic impact of cold-related work loss exceeds $20 billion"

What did you learn today (or yesterday)?

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