December 16, 2007

Super Mario

Today I learned that no matter which gaming system they come out with next, the old Nintendo games, well Super Nintendo, will always be my favorite! We received some Christmas money from my generous grandfather-in-law (Thank you Pep!) and decided that we would like to purchase a Wii. So my husband braved the blizzard this morning and waited in line at Best Buy to purchase one because they are in demand and stores only receive so many every week. He arrived there at 6:45 a.m. and was 40th in line!! The store didn't even open until 9, but they were nice enough to hand out numbered tickets and let everyone go sit in their cars to wait it out. We are now the happy owners of a Wii, and lucky me, I am able to download all my old favorite Nintendo games and play them through the Wii! Super Mario 3, here I come!
By the way, we received about 11 inches of snow today!
What did you learn today?

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